3 Full-Length Features: BMX Bandits / Guilty Conscience / A Killing Affair

BMX BANDITS starring Nicole Kidman ~ Two BMX expert bikers and their (Nicole Kidman) unwittingly become entangled with a group of bank robbers. Rousing bike scenes and dramatic action highlight this thriller. 88 min. | 1983 | Color /// GUILTY CONSCIENCE starring Anthony Hopkins and Blythe Danner ~ An attorney (Anthony Hopkins) wants to divorce his wife, but without having to pay the hefty alimony payments. Instead of facing this monetary dilemma, he devises a devious plan. 104 min. | 1984 | Color /// A KILLING AFFAIR starring Peter Weller and Kathy Baker ~ A widow takes in a drifter (Peter Weller), who she believes killed her husband, and begins to fall for him against her better judgement. This sexy psycholigical thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. 100 min. | 1986 | Color