Greg the Bunny - Best of the Film Parodies

Product Description

The IFC cult favorite finally arrives in a 2-DVD set containing 14 episodes of classic film parodies made by deranged puppets.

Fresh off the heels of his Fox sitcom, Greg gets back to his edgy IFC roots with old pals Warren the Ape, Count Blah and Seth Green for film parodies of some of Hollywood’s most classic films.

Watch as Greg tunes in, turns on and drops out in Sleazy Rider, Warren goes on a bloodthirsty rampage in Naturally Sewn Killers and Count Blah takes a bite out of crime in The Godpappy!

This is not the Fox sitcom. This is not for the family. This is the Greg The Bunny: Best Of The Film Parodies 2-DVD set: sex, violence and videotape. WARNING: Includes scenes of graphic violence, illegal drug use, nudity…and some puppet sex.

As seen on the Independent Film Channel from 1999-2000.

Special Features:

• 2 Featurettes
• Commentaries on all 14 episodes by show creators
• Deleted scenes
• Gag reel
• Photo galleries

The world probably does not need yet another parody of Pulp Fiction, Easy Rider, or The Godfather. But if profane and perverse puppets perform them, well, then one more wouldn't hurt! Cats aren't the only ones with multiple lives. Greg the Bunny has gone from New York public-access-TV cult fave to Independent Film Channel interstitial personality to failed sitcom star. But there is life after Fox. Greg, along with Warren the ape and Count Blah, returned to IFC to contribute twisted takes on movies. This two-disc set contains 14 parodies that brilliantly capture the essence of such auteurs as Woody Allen (whose Annie Hall is recast as a love story between Greg and a lobster), Oliver Stone (Natural Born Killers), and, in the insanely creepy "Daddyhood," David Lynch (Eraserhead). Most of the approximately 15-minute episodes are funny on their own. You don't have to have seen Auto Focus to enjoy "Sex, Button Eyes, and a Video Ape," which charts Greg's Bob Crane-like descent into homemade video porn addiction. But it does help to be well versed in the Coen brothers' oeuvre to fully appreciate "Ya Know, for Kids," which comes complete with references to Raising Arizona's yodeling soundtrack, Miller's Crossing's John Turturro "squirting a few" to avoid execution, and Fargo's infamous woodchipper. There are cheap laughs in hearing puppets drop the F-bomb, and inherent shock value in depictions of puppet sex , but in the best episodes, the genius is in the details that invite repeated viewings. In "Sex, Button Eyes, and a Video Ape," for example, there is a fleeting glimpse on a barroom TV of Shadow of the Vampire, starring Willem Dafoe, who also co-starred in Auto Focus. And it's a truly inspired moment in "The Godpappy" to cast Kermit the frog in the Johnny Fontaine part, crying to Don Blah how he can't get an audition with Jim Henson. Welcome back, Greg. It is comforting to know that you can't keep a good bunny down. --Donald Liebenson

14 episodes on two discs Commentary on all 14 episodes from the show creators "Affurmative Action" featurette "Ezekiel 25:17" featurette Photo galleries Deleted scenes Gag reels