One Crazy Summer

Product Description

An aspiring artist and the aspiring singer he loves join the most berserk brood of sun-and-funners on nantucket island in new england.

Savage Steve Holland follows up his cult teen hit Better Off Dead with more madcap absurdity. Forget the plot, which takes frustrated cartoon prodigy John Cusack to Nantucket to woo aspiring singer-songwriter Demi Moore and take on the town's weasely real estate developer and his bullying son in a sailing regatta. For Savage Steve, the "revenge of the misfits" story is merely an excuse to unleash his arsenal of gags. Think of it as an Airplane for the teen set, punctuated by wacky twists (hyperactive Bobcat Goldthwait rampaging in a Godzilla suit), demented animated interludes, and the world's ugliest dog. The cartoonish punchlines don't always deliver, but the rat-a-tat delivery keeps them coming so fast it doesn't matter, and Cusack holds it all together with his winning presence. And, refreshingly, this is one PG rating that actually means no foul language or sex. --Sean Axmaker