Strangers When We Meet

STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET features an all-star cast including Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak, Ernie Kovacs, Barbara Rush and Walter Matthau. Douglas stars as Larry Coe, a gifted architect who, unhappily married, falls in love with his beautiful neighbor Maggie (Novak), whose marriage is also on the rocks. The two meet secretly while Larry is at work building a dream house for the eccentric writer and playboy Roger Altar (Kovacs). These clandestine trysts are known only to one other person'their mutualfriend Felix Anders (Matthau). But when Larry is offered a tremendous career opportunity in Hawaii,he is suddenly torn between his home, his career and his love for Maggie. And when Felix starts making passes at Larry's wife (Rush), the foundations of his entire life starts to crumble. Based on Evan Hunter's novel, STRANGERS WHEN WE MEET is a film in the tradition of classics such as Peyton Place and No Down Payment.