The Sock Hop Collection (8-CD Box Set) - Time Life Box set, Collector's Edition

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Go back to a time of poodle skirts and ponytails, crew cuts and cars with big fins-and the steadfast hope for a slow dance with that special someone. The sock hop era was all about hanging with your best friends, learning the latest dance steps, and maybe even falling in love for the first time. In the late '50s and early '60s teens hopped, bopped and did the twist to love songs, sad songs, break-up and make-up songs, street-corner harmonies, vocal-group classics and that great girl-group sound. It seemed like every week there was a new dance to learn. Now the best songs and artists of that enchanted era-the ones you danced to and heard on the jukebox, the radio, and your own 45s-have been collected into one fantastic collection of 135 classic tracks by the original artists. Over seven hours of popular favorites! The complete set includes a bonus CD containing 16 of the best teenage love songs, and a full-color booklet packed with the artists' nostalgic reminiscences about their hits, the dances, and more, plus a collector's box to hold it all.