Brad Pitt picks up a sword and brings a muscular, brooding presence to the role of Greek warrior Achilles in this spectacular retelling of The Iliad. Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger play the legendary lovers who plunge the world into war, Eric Bana portrays the prince who dares to confront Achilles, and Peter O'Toole rules Troy as King Priam. Director Wolfgang Petersen recreates a long-ago world of bireme warships, clashing armies, the massive fortress city and the towering Trojan Horse.

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Sale: $6.24 — Discount Provided by Amazon. Here's how (restrictions apply) Three featurettes: "In The Thick of the Battle" (battle sequences), "From Ruins to Reality" (historical perspective), "Troy: An Effects Odyssey" Gallery of the Gods (3-D tour of Mount Olympus and Gods of Ancient Greece) Easter eggs