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Disney's Cinderella Trilogy DVD Set Includes All 3 Animated Movies

Disney's Cinderella Trilogy DVD Set Includes All 3 Animated Movies

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Includes all 3 movies on DVD!

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Take a walk back in time with the Cinderella Trilogy Set. With unforgettable characters, it has just the right elements to keep you engaged throughout the viewing marathon. Witness Cinderella’s dreams come true as she overcomes the odds with the help of her fairy godmother and trusty mice friends. Have a fantastic experience with high definition sound. Watch this legendary blockbuster in its all-new digital avatar. This top-grossing film is a must watch for people who believe in miracles and like fantasy movies.

Closed Captions and Details

Audio Language Options: English, French, & Spanish

Subtitle Options: English, French, and Spanish

Format: Full Screen

Region Code: Region 1 (Plays in the USA and Canada)

Disc Format: Regular DVD 

Condition: Brand New and Sealed

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