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NFL - Greatest Super Bowl Moments

NFL - Greatest Super Bowl Moments

NFL - Greatest Super Bowl Moments

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Product Description

This DVD includes the game recaps and behind the scenes stories from every Super Bowl (1-39) in NFL History. Complete with NFL Films footage and interviews with the players and coaches that made the game what it is today.


On a single disc, Greatest Super Bowl Moments offers 107 minutes of highlights from the first 39 Super Bowls at a fraction of the cost of larger sets. Yes, it's only a few minutes per game, but you still get Marcus Allen's run, Leon Lett's gaffe, and numerous other memorable moments. The exception is the last Super Bowl covered, XXXIX between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, which is given 22 minutes of coverage. Even more fresh and interesting than the main program is "In Their Own Words," a 44-minute collection of interviews and sideline comments from players and coaches who were in the big game (oddly, you can't escape the '90s Dallas Cowboys on TV, but none are interviewed here). "In Their Own Words" includes memories of the first Super Bowl, and moments triumphant (Phil Simms, Doug Williams, Lynn Swann), humorous (Garo Yepremian), and painful (Jackie Smith, Scott Norwood). --David Horiuchi

Includes highlights from the first 39 Super Bowls "In Their Own Words: The Super Bowl": interviews and recollections from NFL Super Bowl greats as seen on NFL Network Commentary "Road to XL": official TV spots and behind-the-scenes footage from NFL Films