The Firm: Firm Parts - 5 Day Abs & Tough Tape 2

5-Day Abs offers five distinct workouts that train and strengthen the abdomen. A variety of instructors lead each segment and concentrate on specific areas of the torso. Crunches, reverse curls, and cross-lateral movements are presented in this uncomplicated format. All of the major muscles of the abdomen get attention here, including some great target toning for the obliques. Time-savvy exercisers will appreciate the quick and effective delivery of each set (ranging from six to nine minutes). Students have the option to do all five sets back-to back (36 minutes) or to complete one set for a quick fix. Firm Parts provides vital information on proper form while keeping the movements challenging. Beginners will learn about safely executing sit-ups in the informational segment at the start of this video. Several exercises are performed with the legs off the ground, and students with injured backs and necks may need to modify these moves. This brief but winning workout combines easy-to-follow moves with schedule conscious formats. Participants of all fitness levels will find a program that can tighten and strengthen the abdominals. Simply said: 5-Day Abs delivers crunches for the time-crunched.

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