Turbulent Skies

After pilot error causes a devastating airline crash, Devain Industries unveils the CD70 -- a revolutionary automated system invented by Tom Woodard (Casper Van Dien) and his wife Samantha (Nicole Eggert of ''Baywatch'') designed to someday make human pilots obsolete. But when reckless playboy Charles Devain (Patrick Muldoon of Starship Troopers and ''Melrose Place'') and his billionaire father (Brad Dourif of Halloween and ''Deadwood'') insist on using the prototype for a celebratory VIP flight from Los Angeles to New York City, a computer virus triggers a terrifying chain of events: The 747 goes off-course during a lightning storm. Their communication systems are dead. And the Pentagon wants to blast the crippled jet -- and its passengers -- out of the sky. Even if Tom can make a mid-air transfer at 30,000 feet, will he be able to disengage the infected system, or will Tom and the passengers fall victim to Turbulent Skies?