The Best British TV Shows You Should Watch

The United Kingdom, the country that brought us the Beatles and Harry Potter, is home to some of the world's greatest television shows. Those who grew up with Monty Python probably agree with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, even with the proliferation of web-streaming services and their television show offerings, so many great British TV shows go unwatched in the US. Some are available on PBS and BBC America, but many more can only be seen on DVD. If you haven't explored British television yet, here's a great list of the shows you should watch. "Doc Martin" This show kicked off in...

Feb 29, 2016

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Get In on the Scandal With This Binge-Watching Guide

With the advent of record-able television, on-demand streaming, and easy online DVD sales, prime time isn't limited to just a few hours in the evening anymore.  Most people in the US report watching at least six hours of TV per week, which has doubled since 2011. And 74% of those without on-demand streaming subscriptions report binge-watching their favorite TV shows at least once a week, whether via recorded television or DVDs. In fact, DVDs make binge-watching easy-you don't have to worry about poor Internet connectivity or not being able to find your favorite show online. If you're looking for a...

Dec 10, 2015

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

The long awaited holiday shopping season is quickly approaching. Black Friday sales that used to require waiting in long lines at your favorite store are now just a click away!  We at Pristine Sales are excited to announce we will be having 24 HOURS OF DEALS! Beginning at Noon on Thanksgiving until Noon on November 27th every Hour on the hour we will have new deals going live for the most popular DVDs and Blu-rays! Limited quantities are available so be sure to check out our new deals at the start of every hour! 

Oct 26, 2015

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When is my favorite TV series new season releasing?

The most common question that we receive is, "When can i get the new season?" The answer is... it depends. The studios vary their release dates quite a bit. They stagger them out with really no rhyme or reason as to when they do it. We have compiled a list of the new tv show releases that will be coming out in September 2015. We will have all of these seasons available on dvd within a couple days of the release dates.  Released on September 1, 2015 Vampire Diaries Season 6 The Originals Season 2 Castle Season 7 Chicago Fire...

Sep 01, 2015

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