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Get In on the Scandal With This Binge-Watching Guide

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With the advent of record-able television, on-demand streaming, and easy online DVD sales, prime time isn't limited to just a few hours in the evening anymore. 

Most people in the US report watching at least six hours of TV per week, which has doubled since 2011. And 74% of those without on-demand streaming subscriptions report binge-watching their favorite TV shows at least once a week, whether via recorded television or DVDs.

In fact, DVDs make binge-watching easy-you don't have to worry about poor Internet connectivity or not being able to find your favorite show online.

If you're looking for a new "bingeable" show, try "Scandal," which airs Thursday nights on ABC. Currently in its fifth season, "Scandal" has both a pop-culture and critical following that rivals other award-winning shows like "House of Cards" and "The Good Wife." If you like a soapopera feel with political undertones, "Scandal" is the show for you.

What's It About?

Starring Kerry Washington, "Scandal" focuses on Washington's character, Olivia Pope, who heads a public relations firm in Washington, DC. And although Olivia seems to be a strong, powerful, no-nonsense character, viewers soon find that she has her own set of secrets.

Created by Shonda Rhimes, who had her first hit with "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal" is sure to fulfill your guilty pleasure requirements while still surprising you at every turn. This show is actually based in part on the experiences of former White House aide Judy Smith, so you know its many scandals have a basis in reality.

Which Characters Should You Follow?

First and foremost, make sure you pay attention to Olivia. She's strong, capable, and incredibly cleverunless her decision-making involves a client she's romantically involved with. Many argue that Olivia's aweinspiring wardrobe alone is reason enough to watch the show, but there's plenty of in-depth character development for you to enjoy as well.

Olivia's father, Eli Pope, is a close second. His frequent machinations keep other characters on their toes, and his actions give both the characters and viewers frequent-and even shocking-surprises.

Which Episodes Can't You Miss?

Each episode of this addicting political thriller pulls you in from the very beginning, starting with the show's exciting pilot. Because the show revolves around several ongoing plot arcs, it's really best to watch the series in its entirety. But if you have only minimal time to devote to each season, don't miss the following episodes:

"The Trail": S1, E6

This episode gives some vital background regarding the relationship between Olivia and Fitz Grant, who is the president of the United States in the show. Through a variety of flashbacks, you get a sense for how their relationship began and where the couple might be headed.

"Truth or Consequences": S2, E12

With a title that points to the crux of this show, this episode is full of drama and poitical scheming, including a full-fledged outburst from everyone's favorite First Lady, Mellie Grant.

What Sets "Scandal" Apart?

Although "Scandal" focuses on political intrigue, it also features plenty of material regarding marriage, race, consequences, and ignorance being bliss.

Since "Scandal" is both brilliantly written and brilliantly acted, most viewers will enjoy the show's intrigue, twists and turns, and character development. If you like "Scandal," you might also enjoy a good evening with "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice," or "Damages."

"Scandal" doesn't necessarily appeal to every person-for instance, if you are an attorney or government employee, you might feel frustrated by inaccuracies that a layperson wouldn't notice. But if you crave drama, intrigue, and some shock factor, choose "Scandal" as your next binge-worthy show.

Pick up the complete series here, then get watching! 

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